Bottom Navs for Large Format Phones

I have tiny hands, so I’m all for Luke Wroblewski’s call for placing navigation at the bottom, especially when a handheld is any larger than an iPhone 5.

I do like the big screen on my iPhone 6 — I wouldn’t trade it in. But I find myself doing this “crawling up the phone” action to reach the navs on so many apps, and then I end up dropping the phone. Bottom navs for one-handed use would make my life a lot easier.

“Finger Crawling” up the sides of the phone to reach the hamburger menu:

Using my pinky as a tray to hold the phone so I can reach the home button:

1 thought on “Bottom Navs for Large Format Phones

  1. Cheryl

    The phone sizes are getting out of control – people should just buy a tablet with cell service! Ugh. I also have small hands and don’t like lugging around a monstrous phone. I want to revert back to the early 90’s when I was happy with my Treo (size, functionality, hard keys)…ah the good old days.

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