Glass: A Low Fidelity Prototype

I was fortunate enough to have been recently invited to participate in some early product discussions for a new application Hearst may be working on for Google’s Glass. It’s all very hush-hush, but I think it’s ok to share this much. I haven’t had access to the new hardware, so I did a mockup for myself, and wore it around my house, imagining what sort of messages and images I would welcome if they appeared just above my line of sight. Here I am, in all my serious, scientific goofball glory:

Low fidelity prototype for Glass applications
Low fidelity prototype for Glass applications

Fascinating Train Study

As the train slows down, the people appear to come to life. This was shot with a high speed camera from a train window, as the train was pulling into a station, then played back at a slower frame rate.

Graeme Taylor tells how he did it here: “Pointless, action-free and totally mesmerising” and I’ll stop the world.